Andrew is a true patriot. He is a tireless advocate for the military community and his unwavering support for veterans in our nation’s capital and at home has led to lasting change. His creativity and ingenuity as a businessman drive him to focus on problem-solving and real-world solutions.
-Retired Army Major General David Grange
Former Commander of the 75th Ranger Regiment and 1st Infantry Division

Our Priorities

In Congress, Andrew will use his Conservative entrepreneurial spirit to work across the aisle

Economic Stability

To accomplish our policy goals and to be of use to our allies, we need to first protect our own economy.

Veteran Support

The primary supporters of my campaign have always been military personnel. I work with the military in business, and primarily former military members staff my campaign, highlighting ongoing problems where the government has failed to support them.

National Defense

Our primary advantage is in the American creative spirit and our ability to innovate. We must take pride in that, remove distracting social experiments from the DoD, and return to an appreciation of merit and pride in competency.

Meet our Candidate Andrew Heaton, for Congress

His upbringing shaped his love for his country and his desire to make the world a better place. With the help of his parents, he fostered a rugged style of entrepreneurialism that was an advantage in all of his endeavors, and he’ll take that entrepreneurial do-it-all spirit to congress.


Whether it was his beginning in business as a car salesman, or his international business ventures today; he has always found ways to think outside the box and take away the valuable lesson that people solve problems, not governments.

Our military service members and the families of Colorado’s 5th District deserve a strong advocate in D.C., one who will actually fight for the constitution they swore to defend.
-Andrew Heaton
Congressional Candidate for Colorado 5th District

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